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Banking software applications for Retail, Private, Universal, Wholesale, Lending business functional requirements - Core processing solutions for Conventional and Islamic Banking & Finance institutions, Credit Unions, Microfinance & Cooperatives - leading Core Banking Systems vendor and links information in the international market context | This page of the iRanking list set is for those core banking vendors-of-interest that are not fully listed and hence not assessed for iRanking positions | This list includes New entries, Defunct and Other UnRanked references/ Other cross-references including FOSS | The Ranked order list is on pages 1 and 2 and is based on market activity, interactive contact and specific interest, & visitor inquiries (popularity) tracked continuously since July 2004 | this is Page 3 of 3 in this 'iRanking' information resource set

Unranked · 'Other Vendor' Names and Cross-references
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ncludes those 'on deck' for full listing in future · new and old · rebranded or superceded · interesting but not fully listed vendors and systems · partial listings and defunct core banking and related system vendor names ·
Vendor Name
Application Software System reference and additional information
ABIS wholesale, treasury, retail banking modules (KCC (Asia) Limited, Clari-ti, Clarit-)
BankMate (iSeries) PowerBanker (Unix, MS) core banking systems for mid-market banks (USA)
ACE Banking Information System (Myanmar)
AFiT eBanking solution internet online banking applications (Kuwait)
Agilis Core Banking System (CBS) (Dubai, UAE)
Aleri Inc. is a Chicago IL based financial software vendor. In 2002, Aleri acquired "mpct systems", then a global provider of core banking systems, and this business, including the Atlas and GBS product lines, was renamed Aleri Global Banking. In May 2008, Wall Street Systems acquired Aleri Global Banking from Aleri, Inc. including the wholesale banking products Atlas core banking, GBS Global Banking Solutions, Continuous Link Settlement Server and Money Transfer (USA)
Systematics >> see FIS Fidelity in ranked list above
AMWAL core banking, Islamic banking and e-banking solutions (Syria)
ABS - APIA Banking Suite (Switzerland)
Diameter (website defunct 2007)
ARBES OBS, retail & private banking system (Czech Republic)
eAresBank international finance integration system (Taiwan)
ARGO branch banking, payments, consumer & commercial lending origination and processing solutions (USA)
def3000 banking business software, def3000/CB core banking (Poland)
ASEBA abSolut core-banking application, internet banking, management information system, cards management, insurance management, leasing (Oracle and Java platform - Romania)
StarBANK Solution (Slovakia)
Summit retail banking solution (formerly from Lynx Financial) see >>> TietoEnator acquired AttentiV
UMVA Bank - MFI internet banking solution
Swiss banking systems services provider and subsidiary of SOBACO Banking Solutions - Forex and Money Market domain specialists | products: eVEGA integrated banking platform | iBServices e-banking software | aSKit asset statement kit
(formerly Boss Lab)  - B-Source BPO and ITO services
SmartBank, SmartBankpro core banking systems covering retail and wholesale bank requirements for Islamic and conventional banking (Egypt)
QBIS core banking solution, BISQUIT integrated banking system (IBS) (Russia)
FitBank (FIT-BANK) core banking system, FitCoop savings & cooperatives system (Latin America)
Simia Core Banking, Internet Banking, Switch system, Simia Card Payment (Iran)
Byte Financial Banking System core solution (Guatemala)
Thaler core banking solutions (ex ref. Callataÿ & Wouters (C&W) Thaler universal banking engine, Teran Banking Intelligence tool, Kyudo e-banking solution) (Belgium) < merged into Sopra Banking Software 2012 after acquired by the Sopra Group 2.2012
CapitalBanker, Capital Global Banking (CGB/Orion) core system (Orion Finance, e-Bankvision) (France)
IBAS Global Banking Factory (GBF, NGS) (Norway)
(TCS - SBI JV) core banking services outsourced Application Service Provider (ASP) platform model, underpinned by TCS BaNCS applications (India)
Inter-Banksys suite includes core banking and internet banking (i-Banking) system
Titan Core Banking Solution, Titan Bank Loan Solution | Mercury Internet Banking | Calypso Treasury | Atlas Wealth Management (Isle of Man, UK)
BankFin core and other financial services product solutions (India)
Colvir Banking System - core banking | Colvir Treasury System (CTS) (Russia, UK, Sweden)
COR FS Abraxsys integrated banking system (UK)
COR.FJA Banking Suite - CORBAS (Germany)
CPB Solution+ core banking TAMBAS+ private banking focus on securities business and portfolio management (Austria)
Crosskey’s banking channels and services system (Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland)
B2 System - CBS B2 automated banking system (Ukraine)
Bankier core banking solution, IBS Banker/PRO from Computer Systems for Business International (CSBI) (Russia)
McCoy Myers and Associates (McM) Meridian Banking System community bank solution as in-house application or through a service bureau arrangement (USA)
CSoft-Bank++ Integrated Banking System (Bulgaria)
Custy | F.L. Consulting SPRL
CustyBank direct banking system (Belgium)
CUtopia Core System; the OASys core processing solution (USA)
Cyclos open source online banking software mainly for microfinance institutions and local banks in developing countries (a subsidiary of STRO, Holland)
iCore | DCI iCore360 core processing and community banking management system (USA)
BankUp core banking software, BankUp è un Sistema Informativo Bancario completo (Italy - Mexico)
Delta-Bank universal core banking solutions (France) < merged into Sopra Banking Software 2012 after acquired by the Sopra Group 9.2011 | upd. 4.2013: Delta-Bank product launched as Sopra Banking Ampltude
Denarius web and cloud core banking for cooperatives/microfinance
OBS Online Banking System OBS Online Banken System (Germany)
ModelB@nk core banking system (China)
dfs SIBAC core banking >> see vendor FinLogix | B-Logix modular banking, C-Logix core banking, D-Logix direct banking
FincoreSoft core banking | web and mobile based microfinance banking software (Nigeria)

eBankSystems - a Trinovus company

Trinisys, eBankSystems core processing application for community banks (USA) < 5.2011 acquired by TriNovus, LLC.
BankPlus core/internet banking centralized solution (Egypt) < formerly BSD (Banking Systems Development)
Elsag EBIS/SIBI - SIB2000 core banking system SIB2000/RBS retail banking system (Italy)
CoBIS - Microfinance software - Co B I S community banking information systems (Uganda)
i-Stelar online conventional banking solution, Hikmah browser-based Islamic banking solution (Bangladesh)
ERP5 Banking - free/libre and open source (FLOSS) core banking software system (
Esacco - Cloud SACCO and Microfinance software system (Kenya)
ESDS hosted core banking systems and data center services (India)
Ethio Electronic Bank (formerly Ethio Autobank) bank management software (South Africa)
IBIS - Integrated Banking Information System for retail banking (Macedonia)

EVRY formerly EDB ErgoGroup

EDB Financial Suite - Nordic banking solutions (Norway)
FACT - Future Applied Computer Technology
Nibras Islamic banking system (Jordan)
FBS - Financial & Banking Systems
CIBS Islamic core banking (Comprehensive Islamic Banking System) (Sudan)
“agree” SaaS integrated core banking system (Germany)
Fincore CBS web-based solution (India)
FINCBS - FCBS universal core banking, FinNet internet banking, FinMobile mobile banking, FinCloud payment portal (India)
FINO-Saral microfinance system (India)
Soveriegn core finance and banking solution (New Zealand)
FNS - Bancs (B@NCS-24) >>> acquired by TCS in 2005, see TCS BaNCS Tata Consultancy Services BaNCS
PROBANK outsourced core banking service platform for regional banks, W-Bank open-source core solution (Japan)
BANCOS modular core banking (Germany)
bank21 SOA, J2EE architecture core banking application with focus on retail financial business (Germany)
GNi CFS (Core Financial Solution) core banking system (Turkey)
Mifos software platform for microfinance institutions offers both an online hosted service, Mifos Cloud, and a downloadable open source edition for use on premise (supported by Sungard)
Visioncredit financial institutions products, core banking software (Spain)
Clareti Banking
SIF Sistema Integral Fianciero corebanking IFS integrated financial system (Mexico)
HP banqpro/ for private banks, retail banks, direct banks
KoreBank core-banking solution (Korea)
Flexcube >> See Oracle Financial Services Software (Oracle FSS) (Oracle took over i-flex Solutions in 2008)
automated banking system ISAOD-BANK, controlling banking system IRBIS (Ukraine)
deal with various systems incl. Corebank (Fidelity), Temenos solutions, i-Flex solutions
Banco covers Islamic retail banking, private banking, and corporate banking (Malaysia) (ME ref. IDcorp-TOSAN)
iBank multi-channel banking system (Tunisia)
IF Information System
GBS standard banking system (Global Banking System) (South Korea)
ICBS - IMPAQ Core Banking Solution with white labelled, customer-oriented, transaction processing delivered in simple ASP model up to complex BPO scenario (Luxembourg)
EnCore CBS core banking (India)
Infodesa SA
Infodesa core banking platform - Spanish-only - 1/2010 Infodesa reported going into liquidation (Spain)
TPE core banking (Taiwan)
Infor FMS Infopoint suite of core banking applications (USA)
Bank XXI Century automated banking system (ABS) (Russia)
IPACS ABS core banking solution (Singapore/China)
International Private Banking Systems | IPBS/Banking (Bahamas)
iTrends iBanker microfinance banking software (Nigeria)
jCore core banking solution, Shribhushan online banking software (India)
>> see Misys
Kishware rebranded as TOSAN 8.2010 | Banco core (java-based) replaced Negin core system (Iran)
PcBank2000 Windows-based core banking application software, BankUltimus Open/.NET total banking solution (Bangladesh)
Custodian CBS core banking solution (India)
London Bridge Group become part of Fair Isaac Corporation >>Go to The Phoenix Software is with Harland Financial Solutions now >> See Harland Financial Solutions listing above.
Summit retail banking system >> was AttentiV>>> then under TietoEnator > in 2012, Sopra acquired
MBWin core banking , Microbanker MBv8 I.T.S. for small and midsized financial institutions (formerly MBXZ) (Philippines)
EasyBank co-operative banking system (India)
Corniche core banking system (Sweden)
Bankway, Integrated Banking Solution (IBS) >> see FIS Fidelity in ranked list above (USA)
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) core banking platform that provides MFIs access, via the internet, to core banking software hosted and managed by MicroPlanet (USA)
Mimics Financial Software
Mimics ERP applications for financial institutions (USA)
MIND-xQ core banking system for small banks (Estonia)
MBS Core Software (USA)
MyBanco - MySQL free and open source (FOSS) core banking application
Fincraft core banking solution (India) - a Tata Group company
Nessa GBS Abira core banking system supported by RSI (Spain)
IDBMS New Athena core system on Oracle platform for large banks (Russia)
New Core Banking Systems (defunct)
Single Source (US community banking system / 2009: acquired by Rurban Financial Corp. see RDSI Banking Systems)
NTT Data - BeSTA (Banking application Engine for STandard Architecture), Global-BeSTA, BeSTAcloud, Stella Cube banking application packages commonly used from a shared center for financial institutions (IaaS, SaaS - Japan)
Nymbus core banking leverages Mediaspectrum's core platform to offer a cloud-based solution (Beyond Core Systems suite)
Octopus Microfinance free and open source (FOSS) microfinance MIS application
InBank, SkyBank banking software platforms (Sri Lanka)
OPENCBS is a development offshoot from the open source Octopus Microfinance platform
Instafin cloud-based core banking solution for microfinance institutions (Croatia)
Accent Core Banking | Accent Bank | Accent Netbanking solutions for cooperative banking in India (India)
PASS Banking Solutions (PBS) · PASS core banking suite (CBS) (Germany)
SCORE web-based Smart Core Banking, Perfect Corebank, Perfect Bank, Epsilon solution for cooperative banks (India)
ABIS advanced banking information system, ELBA electronic banking system (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Synergy web-based suite of integrated banking applications (USA)
PES Banking Solution, MicroScope banking solution /MS platform (Nepal)
Swiss private banking systems services and outsourcing subsidiary of SOBACO Banking Solutions
Bancus software (Nepal)
Promosoft rebranded as Exictos starting 5.2011 | Banka core, Financa trading, eBanka internet, Kanalo presence channels (Portugal)
Quipu - ProCredit Banking group core software (Germany)
IBSY Finance's Integrated Banking SYstem (Luxembourg)
Roundbank online banking services | Roundbank Retail, Enterprise, Mobile (Russia)
RSI IRIS core banking software developed with IBM (early version bought by Temenos was basis of TCB) (Spain) < 11.2011 Nessa Global Banking Solutions established to take RSI solutions to the marketplace
Single Source core banking for US community banks (USA) (formerly New Core Banking Systems development)
Prospero wealth management, asset management, funds, trading, portfolio management (Switzerland)
Samic-Euro private banking (became part of French SAB group)
Profile (1st Linux CBS) >> see FIS Fidelity in ranking list above (acquired Sanchez in 2004)
NewSolutions Windows-based core processing for credit unions (USA)
PC-Core community banking system (USA)
SimCorp Dimension investment management software solutions and services including for portfolio management, fund administration, risk analysis (Denmark)
Smart Sistemz Technoloji Smart-Bank core banking software (Azerbaijan)
SOBACO Software SA (Lugano) and its products used in private banking: ibSERVICES (Internet Banking) and asKIT (Customer Output) - sold to Best Vision Holding in 2008: now ISYS Software SA - SOBACO partner with Finnova - PriBasSys is subsidiary (SOBACO Services)
ACCFINA Windows-based CBS for co-operative banking (India)
Southtech Integrated Online Banking Solution | Ascend Banking software solution designed for MFIs microfinance management (Bangladesh)
ISBA, Stachem/Stelink (financial messaging)
Portfolio Plus core solution (Canada)
SIBanking software and datacenter services solution for community banks (USA)
iSpectrum core banking system | a Fiserv business (Canada)
Sunline Core Banking System (China)
SuperBank-Core core banking solution (India)
Symitar, a Jack Henry & Associates company
Symitar Episys core processing system for credit unions, also Cruise for smaller CU's (USA)
SYSDE BANCA bank core solution, SYSDE SAF intermediary & microfinance solution (Panama)
System Access Symbols core banking >> see Sungard Ambit
TIBS (TechnoSolve International Banking System) core banking business platform | Lippo group (HK)
TKS-Teknosoft - QUARTZ core financial platform, Quartz Securities, Quartz Payments, e-Portfolio>> acquired by TCS in 2006, see TCS FS (Tata Consultancy Services) TCS BaNCS
AutoBank core banking | Auto Bank 2000 (India)
ProBank ProFrame core banking (Korea)
BankFusion >> see Misys (Misys acquired Trapedza and BankFusion in 2006)
BankerG core banking solutions for cooperative banks in India
Ultracs retail banking (Australia)
bMASTER enterprise core banking system (Greece)
USH Paradise Financial Solution core banking (Venezuela)
Lumba core banking solution for MFIs (Indonesia)
VSTL CBS core banking solutions (India)
Wincore (Indonesia)
MarBASII internet infrastructure core banking (Turkey)
Integrated core banking system for small to medium Chinese banks and credit unions (China)
miRevenue Solutions Suite enables relationship pricing, enterprise billing, revenue assurance and loyalty management for core banking systems as an add-on or SOA upgrade
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