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TEMENOS T24 TCB banking solutions

TEMENOS  - TEMENOS T24, TEMENOS CoreBanking TCB, T24 for Microfinance and Community Banking (MCB) formerly eMerge


Swiss group, TEMENOS, has over 300 client names worldwide, has systems live in over 500 client sites, operating in more than 100 countries. Founded in 1993, TEMENOS Group AG is a provider of integrated, modular, core banking systems that provides banks with a single, real-time view of the client across the enterprise. TEMENOS delivers 24/7 functionality to the wholesale, retail and private banking sectors, or partnering with central banks on core system replacement. TEMENOS is established as an international leader in the banking software industry. The company has expertise and commitment in projects. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the company has 34 offices in 29 countries and is listed on the main segment of the SWX Swiss Exchange (TEMN).

Product: TEMENOS T24, TEMENOS CoreBanking TCB, T24 MCB (T24 for Microfinance and Community Banking)

T24 products come with the functionality of GLOBUS.T24 Islamic banking version available

TEMENOS made a major technical upgrade of its flagship product, TEMENOS GLOBUS, resulting in the introduction of TEMENOS T24, a true non-stop, 24hr, n-tier, scalable, functionally rich, real-time banking application that responds to evolving market needs. T24 supports all major industry standards including J2EE, XML, Web Services, Linux, Unix, Windows, Oracle, DB2.

An integrated banking solution with open system technology for business functionality as follows:
1. Corporate/Wholesale - Commercial Lending, Syndicated Lending, Trade Finance & Letters of Credit, Documentary collections, Bills, Guarantees & Standbys, Leasing
2. Treasury - Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Swaps, FRA, Securities, Repos, Futures & Options
3. Retail Banking - Current and DDA accounts, Savings and deposit accounts including fixed deposits, Overdraft accounts, Cheques, Cards, Consumer lending and HP, Mortgages, Revolving credit, Mutual Funds
4. Private Banking - Securities, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Modeling and re-balancing, Portfolio reporting including performance, Fiduciaries, Intermediary (agent) compensation and commissions
5. Core Functions - Customer Relationship Management, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Accounting & General Ledger, Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language, Management Information and Profitability, Document and image management, Payments, Nostro Reconciliations, Confirmation Matching, Workflow
6. Multi-Channel - Internet, Call centre, Other electronic channels

TEMENOS T24 is built on open architecture and is claimed to offer low cost of ownership and uses established standards such as HTTP, XML and J2EE. The design of TEMENOS T24 offers multiple application server support offering horizontal scalability and supporting huge numbers of users with inherent non-stop resilience. TEMENOS T24 was designed to remove the need to run End Of Day processing.

T24 [GLOBUS] - Retail functionality particularly includes:
Teller applications
Savings accounts
Mortgage processing with Past Due obligations
Funds transfers and standing orders
Cheque and card management
ATM InterfaceBranch server processing

TEMENOS CoreBanking - (formerly from Spanish group ICT and known as Iris) - TEMENOS CoreBanking is a scalable retail banking application capable of handling the business volumes of large banks. It features a Product Engine enabling new products and services to be added quickly, reducing time to market and built upon IBM’s IFW architecture. Designed in 1995 and completed in 1998, it is based upon mainstream technologies – MVS, DB2, IMS or CICS, OS390 - and utilizing IBM’s Information Framework. TEMENOS CoreBanking was developed by IBM and RSI in Spain, to meet the demands of 71 separate banks processed in a single data center (multi-bank, retail bank system). This data center supports 3,600 branches, over 5 million customers and has combined banking assets of over $40 billion.

T24 for Microfinance and Community Banking (MCB) formerly eMerge - Targeted at emerging economies for smaller financial institutions such as small banks, credit unions, mutual societies and a wide array of specialised micro-lenders. TEMENOS T24 MCB is designed to give financial institutions the flexibility and capacity to deliver on the needs of the community banking environment. It is relatively easy to set up and configure for a specific customer. With minimum training, the user can create and deploy new products and services without the need for outside technical assistance. TEMENOS T24 MCB offers a real-time financial support environment for retail financial services, supporting the operational and processing requirements of the Community Banking business. TEMENOS T24 MCB is delivered with a full set of sample standard parameters to build and manage a wide range of Community Banking products.

(for more information see TEMENOS)

Platform: UNIX, Windows NT/2000, Linux, OS 400, IBM z-OS OS/390
Open Standards - TEMENOS state that T24 is based on established industry standards as promoted by independent bodies and not on the particular interpretation of these standards by any particular vendors. TEMENOS T24 runs on:
Open hardware
Open database
Open J2EE application server
Open user interface through browser, HTML and XSLT
Open connectivity through XML and Web Services
Open C language code
Open Java development environment


(IBS 2008 primarily universal banking | T24 | Total Customers: 485 / New Signings in Yr: 40)
(IBS 2007 primarily universal banking | Globus/T24 | Total Customers: 445 / New Signings in Yr: 44)
(IBS 2007 primarily retail banking | TEMENOS CoreBanking | Total Customers 77 / New Signings in Yr: 0)

(IBS 2006 / Globus/T24 Total Customers 400 / Live Sites 600 / TEMENOS CoreBanking Total Customers 79 / Live Sites 45)
(IBS 2005 / Globus/T24 Total Customers 400 / Live Sites 600 / TEMENOS CoreBanking Total Customers 78 / Live Sites 45)
(IBS 2004 / Globus/T24 Total Customers 350+ / Live Sites 500+/ TEMENOS CoreBanking Total Customers 7 / Live Sites 6)
(IBS 2003 / Globus/T24 Total Customers 325 / Live Sites 500+/ TEMENOS CoreBanking Total Customers 7 / Live Sites 6)

Some clients names -
ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation | Philippines
ACL Bank | Thailand
ACLEDA Bank | Cambodia, Lao PDR
Aegean Baltic Bank | Greece
Afribank | Nigeria
Aga Khan Fund of Economic Development | Afghanistan
Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe | Zimbabwe
Aizkraukles Banka | Latvia
Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi | Saudi Arabia
Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corp. | Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE
Al Salam Bank | Bahrain
Al Watany | Egypt
Allied Bank | Philippines
Allied Irish Bank | Ireland, Singapore
Alubaf International Bank | Tunisia
AmBank | Malaysia
Amex Bank | Switzerland, UK, US (Miami, NY), Monaco, Singapore
Anbinh Bank | Vietnam
Anglo Irish Bank | UK, Ireland
Anker Bank | Switzerland (Lausanne, Lugano)
Apicorp | (Middle East) Saudi Arabia, Bahrain
Arab Banking Corporation | Tunisia
ARB Apex Bank | Ghana
ASO Savings | Nigeria
Associated Discount House | Nigeria
Astana Finance | Kazakhstan
ATF Bank | Kazakhstan
Attijariwafa Bank | Senegal
Avenue Securities | Malaysia
Baltic International Bank (BIB) | Latvia
Banco Comercial del Noreste | Mexico
Banco Financiero Internacional | Cuba
Banco Sabadell | USA (Miami)
Banco Santander Central Hispano | Switzerland, Spain, US (Miami, NY), Bahamas
Banco Standard Totta de Mocambique | Mozambique
Banco Terra | Mozambique
Banco Ve Por Mas Institucion de Banca Multiple (VePorMas) | Mexico
Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives | Thailand (X)
Bank Al-Bilad | Saudi Arabia
Bank Alfalah | Pakistan
Bank of Attica | Greece
Bank Boston | US (Miami)
Bank of Botswana | Botswana
Bank Centercredit | Kazakhstan
Bank of China (New York) | USA (NY)
Bank of Dodecanise | Greece
Bank of East Asia | UK
Bank of England | UK
Bank of Georgia | Georgia (deal signed Sep 2009)
Bank of Ghana | Ghana
Bank Julius Baer | USA (NY)
Bank Leumi | Luxembourg, Panama, Switzerland
Bank Mendes Gans | Netherlands
Bank Muamalat | Malaysia
Bank Muscat | Oman (Muscat)
Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten | Netherlands
Bank Ochrony Srodowiska (BOS) | Poland
Bank Standard | Azerbaijan
Bank of Shanghai | China
BankThai | Thailand (X)
Banque Diamantaire Anversoise | Switzerland
Banque de France | France
Banque de l’Union Haitienne | Haiti
Banque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur | Morocco
Banque Nationale de Mauritania | Mauritania
Bansefi | Mexico
Barclays Bank | UK
Bawag | Malta, Austria
Best Bank | Tunisia
Blue Nile Mashreq Bank | Sudan
Botswana Building Society | Botswana
Botswana Savings Bank | Botswana
BRE Bank | Poland
Brown Shipley | UK (Jersey, London)
Bumiputra Commerce Bank | HK, Malaysia, UK, US(NY), Singapore, Japan
Business Aegean Bank | Turkey
BW Bank | Ireland
Byblos Bank | Belgium, France, Lebanon, UK
Caja Libertad | Mexico
Caja Madrid | Spain
CAL Merchant Bank | Ghana
Canadia Bank | Cambodia
Cape of Good Hope Bank | South Africa
Capital Bank International | Nigeria
Capital and Credit Merchant Bank | Jamaica
Caribbean Money Market Brokers | (West Indies) Trinidad & Tobago
Central Banco de Investimentos | Portugal
Central Bank of Latvia | Latvia
Central Bank of Nigeria | Nigeria
Central Bank of Swaziland | Swaziland
Central Bank of Zambia | Zambia
CFC Bank | Kenya
China Merchants Bank | HK
Commercial International Bank CIB | Egypt
Citizens International Bank | Nigeria
Close Brothers | Channel Islands
Co-op Evros | Greece
Cooperative Banks of Greece | Greece
Cooperative Bank of Kenya | Kenya
Commercial Bank of Greece | Greece
Commercial Bank of Malawi | Malawi
Commercial Bank of Namibia | Namibia
Commerzbank | Luxembourg, Switzerland
Compagnie Monegasque de Banque | France
Compartamos | Mexico
Credit Suisse Private Bank | Bahamas, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK
Delta Lloyd | Netherlands
Deutsche Bank | worldwide/private banking
Development Bank of Ethiopia | Ethiopia
Development Bank of the Philippines | Philippines
DLNO Banque Nagelmackers | Netherlands
Dresdner Bank Latinamerica AG (DBLA)
Dunfermline Building Society | UK
Eagle Bank | Nigeria
East West United Bank | Luxembourg
Eastern Caribbean Bank | St. Kitts
Ecobank | Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Lagos, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo
Economy Bank | Netherlands
EEPK (Erste Europaische Pfandbrief- und Kommunalkreditbank) | Luxembourg
EFG Bank | Luxembourg, Switzerland, UK
Egnatia Bank | Greece
Equitorial Trust Bank | Nigeria
European Commission | Luxembourg
Export Development Bank of Egypt | Egypt
Federal Bank | Lebanon
Fidelity Bank | Nigeria
Finance House | Abu Dhabi, UAE
Financiera Compartamos | Mexico
Finansbank | Netherlands, Switzerland
Fincimex | Cuba
Fincom | Malawi
First Active | Ireland
First Business Bank | Greece
First Gulf Bank | UAE
First Merchant Bank | Sierra Leone
Fonds de Developpement Social du Conseil de l’Europe | France
Fortis Bank | Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey
Fortune Bank Nigeria
GAPI | Malawi
Ghana International Bank | UK
Global Bank | Panama
Gulf Bank | Nigeria
Habibsons Bank | UK
Hallmark Bank | Nigeria
Halyk Bank | Kazakhstan
Hatton National Bank | Sri Lanka
Himalayan Bank | Nepal
Home Finance Corporation | Malawi
Hong Leong Bank | Malaysia
Idefund | Malawi
Industrial Bank of Kenya | Kenya
Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) | South Korea
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) | China
ING Bank | multiple sites
International Exchange Bank | Philippines
Investec | Australia
Islamic Development Bank | Saudi Arabia
Jih Sun International Bank | Taiwan
Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Social Development | Ukraine
Kasikornbank (Kbank) | Thailand (commenced implementing TCB 2006)
KBC | Belgium, Ireland, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK
KBL | Luxembourg, France, Switzerland
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) | Kenya
Kenya Women Finance Trust | Kenya
Kingdom Securities | Zimbabwe
Kookmin Bank | South Korea
Kosovo American Bank | Kosovo
Kumari Bank | Nepal
Kuwait Investment Corporation | Kuwait
Lehman Brothers | Korea, Japan
Libra Bank | Romania
Libyan Arab Foreign Bank | Libya
Lloyds TSB | Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey
Machhapuchchhre Bank | Nepal
Mashreq Bank | Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Hyderabad, Karachi, Bahrain, Dubai UAE, Egypt, India, Pakistan, UK, USA (NY)
Mauritius Commercial Bank | Mauritius
MeesPierson | Channel Islands
Meezan Bank (Pakistan) | Pakistan
Mellon Bank (US) | USA
Menatep Bank | Russia
MISR | Romania
MKB | Hungary
Moldavia Agroindbank | Moldavia
Morymor Bank | Bahamas
Multivalores Grupo Financiero | Mexico
Nacional Financiera | UK
Namibia Post Savings Bank | Namibia
Nampost Savings Bank | South Africa
National Bank of Fujairah | UAE
National Bank of Greece | Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Greece, Romania
National Bank of Kuwait | Switzerland (Geneva)
National Bank of Malawi (NBM) | Malawi (deal signed Apr 2009)
National Bank of Trust | Russia
National Bank of Uzbekistan | Uzbekistan
National Development Bank | Sri Lanka
National Merchant Bank | Zimbabwe
Nedbank | HK, Swaziland
Nedcor | HK, South Africa, UK
New Building Society | Malawi
New World Merchant Bank | Nigeria
Nordea Bank | Finland
Nordea Bank Polska | Poland
North Africa Commercial Bank | Lebanon
North Shore Credit Union | Canada
Nova Ljubljanska | Slovenia
Opportunity International | USA
Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) | USA
Pan Asia Bank | Sri Lanka
Pancretan Cooperative Bank | Greece
Panelinia Bank | Greece
Parex Bank | Latvia
Philieo Allied Bank | Malaysia
Philippine National Bank | Philippines
Phongsavanh Bank, Lao PDR
Planet Finance | France
Port Said National Bank for Development | Egypt
Postbank | Iran
Premier Life | Luxembourg
Prime Bank | Bangladesh
Rabobank | Australia, New Zealand
Raiffeisen Krekova Bana | Slovenia
RBTT Financial Group | (Caribbean) Trinidad & Tobago
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe | Zimbabwe
RHB Bank (Labuan) | Malaysia
Royal Bank | Zimbabwe
Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago | Trinidad & Tobago
Rural Development Bank | Papua New Guinea
RZB | Austria, China, Poland
RZB-Krekova | Slovenia
Sacombank | Vietnam
SAIB (Societe Arabe Internationale De Banque) | Egypt
Samsung Capital | South Korea
Saudi Hollandi Bank Saudi Arabia
Schroders | Switzerland, UK
Standard Bank | Azerbaijan, HK, Isle of Man, Jersey, Korea, Taiwan, UK, USA
Standard Offshore Bank | Jersey
Stanford International Bank | Antigua
State Bank of Pakistan | Pakistan
Stopanska Bank | Macedonia
Suez Canal Bank | Egypt, Panama
Sumitomo Mitsui Japan
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) | Malaysia
Swazibank | Swaziland
Swedbank | Sweden, China
Tanzania Investment Bank | Tanzania
Tatra Bank | Slovakia
TechcomBank | Vietnam
Tractebel | Belgium
Triputra Investido Arya | Indonesia
Tropical Bank | Uganda
Trust & Investment Bank | Russia
Turkish Bank | Cyprus, Turkey, UK
UBS Investment Bank | UK
Ukrsotsbank | Ukraine
Unibank | Ghana
Unicorn Investment Bank | Bahrain
Union des Banques Populares de Rwanda | Rwanda
United Bulgarian Bank | Bulgaria
United Garanti Bank | Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland
United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) | USA
Universal Bank | Cyprus
Vietnam Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development | Vietnam
Vietnam Joint Stock Bank | Vietnam
Volkswagen Bank | Mexico
Volkswagen Financial Services | China, Mexico
Votorantim Bank | Brazil
Wafa Bank | Belgium, Morocco
Wema Bank | Nigeria
Westpac | Singapore
Zambian National Building Society | Zambia


Head OffIce
18 Place des Philosophes
CH - 1205 Geneva

Tel: +41 22 708 1150
Fax: +41 22 708 1160/1165

Key Asia Pacific Contact Information

14th Floor, IBM Tower, Pacific Century Place
2A Workers Stadium Road North, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027,
Tel: +86 10 65391239
Fax: +86 10 65391060

2109 -10 Dah Sing Financial Center
108 Gloucester Road
Wanchai - Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2866 2562
Fax: +852 2528 0345

61 Robinson Road
#20-01 Robinson Centre
Singapore 068893
Tel: +65-6536 6722
Fax: +65-6538 0818

Bubhajit Building, 11th Floor
20 North Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10500
Tel: +662 236 9392-3
Fax: +662 236 9394

TEMENOS Australia Pty Ltd
Level 20, Tower 2,
201 Sussex Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: +61 2 9006 3314
Fax: +61 2 9006 1010


TEMENOS India Pvt. Ltd.
146 Sterling Road
Chennai 600 034
Tel: + (91) (44) 2822 2001
Fax: +(91) (44) 2822 2099

Website: www.temenos.com
eMail: salesteam@temenos.com

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