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Neptune Rubikon, Orbit, Equinox

Neptune Software  - Rubikon universal banking system, Orbit microfinance system, Equinox universal banking solution


Neptune Software plc is a banking software provider with more than 60 banking and financial services business clients worldwide. Neptune Software offers functional and integrated banking enterprise solutions. Neptune has an international presence and puts the emphasis on partnership relationships with their clients. Founded in 1999, Neptune is a recognised leader for software business solutions in the African Continent.

Product: Rubikon universal core banking system, Orbit microfinance retail banking system, Equinox universal banking solution

Rubikon is Neptune’s flagship, “mashup friendly” platform providing banks and financial institutions of all sizes with banking systems solutions that enable support for agile enterprises to faciltate and benefit from change.

Rubikon is designed to deliver an industry-specific, closely-coupled, business-oriented and collaborative framework for financial services. Rubikons’ Financial Service Oriented Architecture (FSOA) facilitates rapid incremental deployment as either a complete universal banking system, or a series of special-purpose applications that collaborate with the existing infrastructure to deliver new products or services, addressing new channels to market, or streamline currently inefficient or high-risk processes. This approach allows banks and financial institutions to achieve accelerated returns on investment and gain competitive advantage, especially in attracting the new wave of “Generation Y” customers and employees.

Each of Rubikon’s components is closely-coupled to the others, enabling Rubikon to simultaneously provide an environment that is:

• Customer-centric
• Business-service and Workflow oriented
• Event driven
• Easy and fast to develop new products and services
• Channel agnostic
• Intuitive and collaborative for users
• Management information rich and compliant

Functional design features include:
Integrated Workflow Engine | Rules Engine | Multiple Delivery Channels | No "end of day" Processing | Streamlined Compliance with New Regulatory Obligations | Anti-Money Laundering | Integrated Customer Relationship and Case Management | Flexible Product Definition | Banking Intelligence | Multi-currency, Multi-region, Multi-entity, Multi-lingual | Data Warehousing

The Rubikon technology platform is based on “real” new technology, 100% Java, adopting open standards and an SOA architecture, which brings scalability and agility to the delivery of business processes.

Orbit-R is a functionally-rich banking solution, designed to deliver distributed, regionalised or centralised solutions to all the needs of modern micro banks and microfinance institutions and its diverse business areas.

Orbit-R uses a central Relationship Information Management (RIM) facility to integrate account data, transaction activity, outside financial data, marketing information, and relationships with other customers. Orbit-R MFI is relationship-centric rather than product-centric as everything revolves around customer relationships. The Orbit-R RIM enables the categorization of customers by a wide range of characteristics for segmentation, analysis and reporting. The integrated Orbit-R system is designed with the needs of the users in mind to help them achieve quality customer service and maintain competitive market advantage. The system's graphical environment allows users to select transactions and other activities quickly by clicking on icons and symbols and by choosing textual options from predefined lists. Orbit-R makes many banking processes easier, and saves time, whilst ensuring accuracy and enhancing productivity.

Equinox is a mature, functionally-rich universal banking solution. It was designed to deliver distributed, regionalized or centralized solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of banks and financial institutions. Equinox covers each of the business areas Retail, Corporate, e-Banking and Customer Relationship Management. Equinox is a highly scalable solution. Some features: Equinox is designed to cater to the banking business areas of Retail, Lending, Trade, Treasury and Investment Banking. Equinox encompasses e-Banking and Business Intelligence solutions, and allows for flexible product development. Equinoz has m ulti-currency and multi-lingual processing capabilities. It is customer-centric system providing a "Single Customer View" across all the relationships with the bank. There is sophisticated Security Management System controlling access at multiple levels and built-in strong Audit Log/Trail features.

Built on industry standard open technology platforms, the system provides flexibility to integrate with other third-party applications and offers multiple deployment options. Equinox Business Intelligence, powered by Business Objects, provides a powerful tool to turn information into insights. Risk exposure, budgeting, forecasting and profitability analysis capabilities are delivered.

Platform: Open
Rubikon - Java solution, built on SOA architecture and based upon J2EE technology
Equinox - open and n-tier


(IBS 2008 primarily universal banking | Equinox | Total Customers: 60 / New Signings in Yr: 18)
(IBS 2007 primarily universal banking | Equinox | Total Customers: 42 / New Signings in Yr: 11)
(IBS 2006 / Equinox - Total Customers 38 / Live Sites 32)

Industrial & Commercial Development Corp (ICDC), Kenya Rubikon
Berhan International Bank, Ethiopia Rubikon
Efatha Bank, Tanzania Rubikon
Genesis Investment Bank, Zimbabwe Equinox Universal Banking, ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking
Horus Development Finance, France Orbit Retail Banking System
Bank of Industry (BOI) Ltd, Nigeria Equinox Universal Banking, ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking
FinaDev SA, Benin Orbit Retail Banking System
Advans Cameroon Orbit Retail Banking System
Susu Microfinance, Nigeria Orbit Retail Banking System
Centenary Bank Uganda Equinox Universal Banking, ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking
Bank Baroda Uganda Equinox Universal Banking, Trade Finance, Treasury, ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking
Commercial Microfinance Uganda Equinox Universal Banking
Uganda Finance Trust Equinox Universal Banking
Nile Bank Uganda Core, Trade Finance, Treasury, ATM, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, EIS, Reconciliation, CRM
EABS Kenya Core Retail, Trade Finance, Treasury, ATM, Telephone Banking, SMS Banking 
Nic Kenya Core Retail, Trade Finance, Treasury, ATM, Internet Banking ,SMS Banking
Siab Bank, Togo Core, Trade Finance, Treasury, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Telephone Banking
Genesis Investment Bank, Zimbabwe Core, Trade Finance, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, EIS and Reconciliation
Intermarket Banking Corp, Zambia Core, Treasury
Peoples Own Savings Bank, Zimbabwe Core, EIS, ATM
Platinum-Habib Bank, Nigeria Core, Trade Finance, Treasury, Internet Banking, Telephone Banking
Fina Bank, Kenya Core Retail, Trade Finance
CharterHouse Bank, Kenya Core Retail, Internet Banking
Housing Finance Company of Kenya Core Retail, Treasury, ATM, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, EIS, Reconciliation and Budgeting
National MicroFinance Bank, Tanzania Core Retail
Tanzania Postal Bank Core Retail, Trade Finance, Treasury, ATM, Telephone Banking ,SMS Banking, Internet Banking, WAP Banking
Amalgamated Bank, Ghana Core, Trade Finance, Treasury, Telephone Banking
TN Bank, Zimbabwe Core Retail, Trade Finance, Treasury, Internet banking, SMS Banking, Business Intelligence
Victoria Commercial Bank, Kenya Core Retail, Business Intelligence, Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, SMS Banking
National Savings and Credit Bank, Zambia Core Retail, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking


Head Office

Neptune Software PLC

The Lansdowne Building
2 Lansdowne Road
Croydon, Surrey
United Kingdom

Int'l Tel. +44 203 598 1801
Tel. 0843 532 7688

Website URL: www.neptunesoftwaregroup.com

eMail: info@neptunesoftwaregroup.com

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Global market presence

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