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inntron delivers the kind information and answers about core banking systems, vendors and the markets that can make a difference to buy-side and sell-side parties. Backed by independent channel data, the insights, unique intelligence, and savvy analysis we provide can be valuable. Expect extensive knowledge, without undue bias, some challenging thinking, and informed understanding of complex banking core systems, issues, and related business technologies. When not reviewing, evaluating, comparing and researching solutions, then inntron is tracking and analysing market activity, and continually interacting as consultants, analysts, and application solution advisers for banking and related system technologies. Using our own system of smart data capture, processing and analytics capabilities has enabled us to build and maintain an extensive knowledgebase. Described as 'everyday influential' and 'influencers' by major vendors, we have been told that we are 'leading' the understanding of, and, to some degree, 'defining' the international core banking systems market. It is nice to be surprised by who contacts us next. We are kind of a secret source to the establishment. By all means, surprise us. Take a look at the information resources, the question-answering elements, that we have created and display online. Whilst extensive, they point to just a fraction of our consulting range, smarts, and more extensive, more up-to-date data kept offline and utilized in our client advisory work.

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